Best Social Media Plugins by WordPress Custom Development Services

WordPress is a social media friendly web content management system. However, some WordPress users do not make the most from this CMS because they do not know about the plugins to increase social media friendliness of their websites. If you are one such WordPress user then you should prefer downloading some valuable social sharing plugins. You can also take help of custom wordpress development services. Here am I going to talk about top 7 free social media plugins that will improve the social media friendliness of your website.

Share This: Sharethis is one of the top premiums social media plugins. It is freely available at WordPress plugins directory. The top-notch quality of this plugin is its support to 120 social media platforms. You are able to share your content on each platform.

The coding of this plugin is done in a specific manner that it takes less time to upload your content without compromising with the plugin functionality. It is also enabled with comprehensive sharing analytics that can help you in tracking your movement on social platforms. You can download this premium plugin just by following the given link:

Share Buttons: This plugin has social media customization feature. Here can you share your content on top prominent social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest etc. This will lead you to make a robust virtual persona on these social networks. You can customize this plugin by adding some custom icons;also, you can place the plugin at the top or bottomor float from the top to the bottom.By the help of this prominent plugin, you can see total numbers of share on your web portal automatically. You can download this premium plugin through this link:

Social Media Feather: This plugin is counted among the best social media plugins because of its lightweight, user friendly and easy customizable social sharing character. It allows the user to add social media features on their web pages, blog posts or any other custom pages. It is fully responsive and ready to retina display on all platforms including iPad, iPhone and others. You can get advantage of this plugin by following the given link:

Floating Social Bar: It is a very light-weight plugin and enables the users to add drag & drop social media buttons. Its floating character easily entices the users to share content. You can entertain the valuable features of this plugin just by following the given download link here:

Flare: It allows its users fully customization of their contents. A user can customize the icons and make it in more impressive manner to attract the visitors. The download link of this plugin is giving here:

DC Simple Share Buttons: This plugin is fully customizable and enables you to add social sharing buttons on your posts or custom pages without much effort. Since it is coded in PHP, CSS and HTML, thus it offers easy and fast sharing of your contents. Here is the download link given:

Shareaholic: It is one of the most prominent plugin and it supports multiple sharing options in 15+ languages. The best feature about this plugin is it will not only work for sharing. It suggests some valuable options to the user to enhance the visitor participation on your web portal. You can download this precious plugin through this link:

As I summed up top 7 social media plugin, if you still want some more sharing features on your virtual platform, then you can get help of Custom WordPress Development Services to enhance your presence on social network platforms.

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