Key Points to Consider for Making a WordPress Site Responsive

key poitns for responsive web design

At present, the majority of people are browsing the internet on different devices like Smartphone and tablets is more as compared to desktop. Your website needs to be able to reach these people in order to gain and keep their attention. As a matter of fact, the use of these smart-devices seems to be only growing with time. Responsive website designs make sure that your visitors do not navigate away from your site and get to your competitor’s website.

What is a responsive design you think?

Responsive design is when your website adjusts to scale to whatever device the user is using. So if the user is using a small screen like a Smartphone, all the areas of the website will rearrange to order to suit the specific requirements. For example, there may be bigger menu buttons and text links that the user accidentally clicks on but they didn’t want to.

One of the great benefits of using a responsive design is that you don’t need to have two different websites on separate domains. All you need is one domain in place of two, which makes it much easier when changing any type of content.

One great way to make your site adjustable and adaptable to almost every device screen is to create a responsive layout. Instead of this, you may choose to install and activate a WordPress responsive theme to meet such an objective. But, using an existing theme will enable you to present yourself as a unique brand. Moreover, there is no proof that the theme will be completely responsive. And thus, a more valuable alternative is to go for PSD to responsive WordPress conversion service. There are a lot of web development companies that help convert your design files to a responsive WordPress theme format.

The best thing about selecting PSD to a responsive WordPress theme is that it will not only help in building your site responsive, but also will help you build a unique online identity. Converting your own design into a theme will give you the advantage of offering a different online experience to users as compared to your competitors. The biggest benefit of the conversion is that, you will get better access over your converted site. This means, you can easily make the changes to the design elements to make them perfectly suit your needs.

Following are some key points you need to take into consideration in order to come up with a successful responsive WordPress site:

Mobile-first approach

mobile-firstThe mobile-first approach is famous even before the advent of responsive design. While making your website mobile responsive, the mobile-first approach is also considered by search engine bots (including Google). Thus, with this strategy, you will be able target mobile users and increase your search engine rank.

This approach targets on designing website for smartphones first and then focuses over other devices, including tablet, desktop and so forth. There are several advantages of this approach. One of them is that it motivate content writers and designers to work in a goal for delivering a product, which is small-screen optimized. Due to little screen, it concentrate more on legible content for better mobile UX. By converting a PSD to responsive design you can make both desktops and mobile design to ensure a remarkable UX throughout.

Content-first approach


According to this strategy, you should first focus on the content, and then should consider the targeted devices and design. With the responsive design, you can make free about 80% of the total screen spac. It states that whatever that persists on the screen is quite necessary for your potential visitors and business.

While starting with a PSD, you can consider this aspect and take the responsive design into account from the very beginning. This will make the PSD to responsive HTML conversion a simple and more effective process.

Responsive Web Design


To ensure a seamless and flawless visual appeal of a design on any device, responsive design approach is an important option. With this approach, the vision is not restricted with content or mobile devices; it rather considers every device in a same fashion and amazingly augments UX.

Moreover, as the Internet of things is gaining a huge popularity, it can be expected that the web will rule the ground while mobile will continue to hold the curb in the future. The demand of advanced mobile web solution will appeal a consistent design approach that can proficiently cater to the needs of the technologies. And, responsive web design is essential and will continue to be a prime choice in the future as well.


We hope that this article will help you to understand the key points that you need to be consider while making a WordPress website responsive.

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