Why PSD to Responsive WordPress is a Wise Solution for your Business?

The online world is always changing. Each year arrives with new updates, trends and web standards. And WordPress is the latest buzz of the online world. There is no denying that this has become the most preferred choice for a majority of web users. From bloggers to serious business owners, every webmaster agrees on the fact that WordPress is certainly the widely used platform for creating websites.

Why WordPress?

why wordpress

WordPress is a great way of getting a high-quality and professional website developed without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, you no longer have to be a technical expert or a developer to use it. WordPress is so convenient that many webmasters convert their PSD to responsive WordPress to integrate their original designs in their websites.

WordPress is known for its ease of use and convenience and this is what makes it a popular choice. Since WordPress is an open source code which means you do not have to spend even a penny on using WP for your online venture. Moreover, it is also supported by many hosting companies available on the internet that offer affordable and quality hosting services. WordPress is also easy to design as it comes with various free and premium themes and templates. WordPress also comes with many plugins to extend the functionality of a website without having to write the code. All you need to do is hit install and you are good to go.

Why PSD to Responsive WordPress?
Design and functionality are two most crucial parts of a website. In order to attract a wider market, a website needs to have a beautiful design and fully functional elements.

1. Higher Visibility
Starting out a new business on the internet is no laughing matter. You want to grow and get noticed. And nothing beats WordPress in growing your business online. WordPress offers higher visibility for websites when integrated with original and beautiful designs. Converting your PSD designs into WP website can bring more traffic to your website and consequently improve ROI and conversions.

2. Fully Functional Design
Technology is growing and so do we. The evolution of new devices encourages people to buy them and use them. This has affected the online world significantly. Where once we used to design the website for just desktops and laptops, is now required to design for smartphones, tabs, notebooks and more. Therefore, it becomes important to have a device friendly site to meet the needs of every user available out there. Using PSD design for your WP website will make your site responsive and compatible with different devices.

3. Highly Affordable Solution
Since WordPress is an open source and cost nothing to develop a site, you can easily save a large amount of money on your next website development. All you need to do is hire a designer (if you are unable to design) and get it converted through a PSD to WordPress Company. Although there are various software available online that can help you convert your PSD designs in WordPress website.

Photoshop is a great designing software and WordPress is a great web development platform, and together they are a powerful solution for your online business needs.

2 thoughts on “Why PSD to Responsive WordPress is a Wise Solution for your Business?

  1. WordPress isn’t GOOD, it is EASY. There is a difference, and it is a mistake to conflate the two. That is the very reason why WordPress is so popular. It is EASY. But from over 20 years of experience in the industry I know this: With WordPress you may gain speed of deployment, but you sacrifice nearly everything else. Security, scalability and robustness. WordPress sites are baby-hacker targets more than any other system out there.

    Yes, you may not see the need for an experienced developer, until the moment your website gets hacked (because the vast majority of people who deploy WordPress sites are either fronted developers with no clue about code or security or DIY-ers) and steals and distributes your entire list of customers and whatever personal information they may have stored in your database) you will realize that it wasn’t such a good idea.

    WordPress “enablers” rely on third-party tools (that are not vetted for code quality or security by anyone) to tighten security and provide functionality. But because most of these plugins are free, hackers have access to them just as much as the website owner does, and they scrutinize them for weaknesses. Install it on your site, and you now also have those weaknesses every hacker knows about.

    On a pure pro-rata rate (equally comparing WordPress with other systems) the hack percentages that are occuring on a daily basis are, by a long stretch, much higher for WordPress. WordPress isn’t a secure system. It isn’t a scalable system. It isn’t even a fast system. It severely limits the owner, and severely exposes them to business and legal risk.

    It may be a fun idea to “cut out those pesky coders” but the website owner always pays for it, somehow, in the long run. It might be great to just pay for a frontend developer to cut up your design and make it a design, but there is a LOT more to website development, ownership and security than that.


  2. Hi!
    The problem is that this solution required two persons, one expert in WordPress and other with great domain of photoshop, desing and good ideas. The result it’s very high-quality and professional website apparence


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