Pre-made vs Custom Made Themes

Pre-Made vs. Custom WordPress Theme – Which Is One To Choose?

All set to launch a website with WordPress? Well, the online world has so much to offer you to help you grow your offline business and increase conversions in no time. The internet has surely opened the gates for many, be it a local restaurant, a book store or an apparel shop.
The best part of choosing WordPress is the freedom to choose from hundreds and thousands of pre-made themes to give your website a beautiful and eye-catching appearance.

Pre-made WordPress Themes:

We can say that the major reason for the popularity of WordPress is the continuous launch of different WordPress themes. These pre-made themes make the job of creating beautiful websites a lot easier and convenient since all you need to do is integrate an enticingly appropriate theme and you’re all set to tweak the rest of it for the finalization.
These pre-made themes are often available in free and premium versions, allowing you to choose any depending on your requirement and budget.

Pros of pre-made themes:

  • Can get for free or buy at a very reasonable rates
  • Offers reduced time-to-market for your website
  • Comes SEO-Optimized
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Help you stay up-to-date with the market

Key challenges of Pre-made WordPress themes:

  • The biggest challenge of using a pre-made WordPress theme is that it offers no originality and uniqueness since it is being used by hundreds and thousands of other webmasters
  • Does not let you tweak the design of the theme as per your business requirements and needs. For that, you may either need to hire a professional or change the theme entirely
  • You may not be able to find the right theme for your business and may find it hard to customize it
  • Can get pricey if you need a highly customizable theme

Custom WordPress theme:

Well, a custom WordPress theme has many benefits. WordPress theme customization services have making a lot of noise lately. Premade WordPress themes, being a common choice, encourages users to get their theme built from scratch from a WordPress professional.

Pros of Custom WordPress theme:

  • Highly customizable: Since you are having your own theme developed from a WordPress developer, you can rest assured that it would be built keeping your business, needs and specifications in mind. Moreover, custom WordPress themes often come with theme options to help you customize it on your own.
  • Originality: You can get as many or as little elements as you want depending your requirements. Moreover, when you hire a professional, they present a design first on which you agree. Once the design is decided, your theme is developed using that design.
  • Freedom to add or delete functionality: Since it is tailored made, you get the option to get a particular element added or deleted.

Key challenges of Custom WordPress theme:

  • Needs you to hire a trustworthy and highly professional WordPress experts
  • Can be bit expensive to outsource the requirement depending on the elements you need
  • Takes time to design and develop the whole theme

When it comes to building a website, the options are varied. However, it depends on your needs that which option you need to choose.

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