Pre-made vs Custom WordPress development – which one to choose?

WordPress has turned into a primary choice of the majority of individuals trying to build up their site using a content management system. After all, it holds the most extreme CMS part of the overall industry that is nearly around 24.7%. Also, there is the horde of themes and plugins on the web that benefits in building an engaging WordPress site with a rich list of capabilities.

In any case, building a website is not simply limited to installing themes as well as plugins in today’s ever-growing competitive web world. Thus, other than having an attractive and practical website, it is imperative to present yourself as an exceptional online brand. However, utilizing a pre-built theme for developing your WordPress website might not help you set yourself apart from others on the web. This typically happens if some different business is utilizing the same theme as yours.

Let’s go through few Pros and cons of both the approaches to developing websites that will definitely help remove your doubts regarding whether you should choose a pre-made or get a custom WordPress theme development service.

Pros and Cons of a Pre-built Theme

Pre-built WordPress themes are the ones that are made by theme developers and made accessible online. You can discover free and premium pre-made themes in the official WordPress Theme Directory or other outsider locales like Themeforest, Themeisle, Elegant Themes and numerous different sources.


1. Affordability:

This is the greatest advantage of utilizing a pre-made layout. A free theme spares you from investing a fortune on developing a beautiful website. On the other hand, a premium theme can be obtained under $100. Regardless of the fact that you select a paid theme from a perceived source, you can without much stress discover one appropriate theme for your site at a reasonable cost.

2. Real Time Saver:

You can have your site up and be running in not more than minutes utilizing a typical theme. You simply need to invest efforts in looking for a fitting configuration format that meets your specific business needs. Additionally, a premium alternative is developed by professional developers. This further spares time in altering your current site layout according to the progressing patterns.


1. Faulty Code

This is one noteworthy issue with pre-constructed themes, particularly the ones that are allowed to download. Indeed, now and again, you may even discover faulty code in a paid format.

2. Can Prove Costly in the Long Run

Premium themes can prove to be costly in the long run if your theme service provider does not offer needed help. Thus, you may wind up spending more than anticipated on getting the desired customization done to your theme.

Pros and Cons of a Custom WordPress Theme

A custom-made WordPress theme is established to achieve your specific needs. It is a fantastic way to deal with building up a unique looking website. And thus such a layout helps in representing your business in an obviously better way than your competitor’s site. However, in order to have a customized theme for your website, you might have to hire renewed WordPress Expert to get the desired result.


1. Uniqueness

As mentioned earlier, a custom constructed theme makes a website design and functionality look unique and different. As modern day individuals prefer sites offering particular and excellent experiences, a custom designed layout will definitely help you make an edge over your competitors.

2. Better Control

Unlike pre-made themes that confine you from rolling out improvements to your site format, a custom design gives better control over tailoring the design. For instance, you can include/remove components like pictures, buttons, and so forth, from the site as per your requisites.


1. Cost

Building a custom layout starting with no outside help can cost you a considerable amount of development cost in hundreds as well as thousands. So, you can’t deny that putting cash in fortifying your online presence is significant to your prosperity. In this way, when settling on this methodology make a point to arrange out your prerequisites in advance, and after that choose, if the custom theme will demonstrate a decent interest over the long haul or not.

2. Future Updates

Premium pre-built themes are upgraded by the support team. However, when concentrating on other pivotal parts of your website development or customization project, you may overlook to run the desired updates.

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